Edge bending

DANPRES offers bending of items with the latest machine technology. At our state-of-the-art production facilities, we can solve complicated bending tasks.


DANPRES offers automatic bending via a Salvagnini P4 bending center, which is an extremely high-productivity machine equipped with universal bending knives that do not need to be changed or modified when changing workpieces. The bending center is connected to the large FMS plant and runs in-line with DANPRES’ punching center. All programming takes place offline while the plant is producing.

The P4 bending center is equipped with the latest technology, including Advanced Bending Technology (ABT), which guarantees absolute top quality in the bending process. The term “ABT” covers equipment that enables the bending center to automatically continuously check and adjust for possible thermal influences in the process, just as the system is self-adjusting in relation to, for example, springback.

Such a high-tech facility offers great degrees of design freedom. For example, it is possible to produce even the most complex geometries, positive and negative bends, radii and arc pieces.

With this high-tech equipment, super-skilled and committed employees and with involved customers, we have the optimal opportunities to be able to cope with even the most difficult challenge.

Edge bending

DANPRES also offers bending via our four CNC-controlled press brakes. The largest press brake has 10 programmable axes and is completely unique, as the press brake continuously corrects bending angles in the process via an integrated laser measuring system, “Easy-Form laser measuring”. The press brake, an LVDPPEB Easy-Form, has a bending length of 4000 mm and works with a pressure of up to 220 tons.

We also have several smaller, 8-axis CNC press brakes with a pressure of up to 80 tonnes.

A press brake is preferably used for bending sheets in the most commonly used thicknesses and sizes, as the press brake has a wide range of functions that make the process extremely efficient and accurate. The bending tasks are programmed and simulated using CAD/CAM.

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Morten Rands Clausen

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Picture of Morten Rands Clausen
Morten Rands Clausen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobile: +45 52 10 03 64
Tel.: +45 86 95 23 00

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