CSR - Sustainability is on our agenda

Time and again, the climate reports speak a clear language – there is a need for action. As a growing company, we consider it an important responsibility to take care of the planet. We are proud to be a subcontractor for a number of sustainable projects. Not least, we are also proud that our production is becoming more sustainable. Day by day, we work hard to become even more sustainable. You can read more about our initiatives on this page.

BSCI Code of Conduct at Danpres A/S

At Danpres, we are aware of our ethical and social responsibility. Click here and read the Code of Conduct at Danpres A/S.

Climate-ready production company

Danpres wants an increased focus on climate, and not least our CO 2 emissions. It is one of our goals to further neutralize CO 2 emissions. That is why Danpres has completed Climate-ready Production Business courses.

The solar project must reduce CO2 emissions

In order to work towards a more sustainable production, Danpres has chosen to install a solar system on the roof. The aim is to become as independent as possible of power from external electricity suppliers.

980 panels will be installed on the existing building and 912 panels on our new building. That means 1,892 panels in total. With this plan, it is expected that Danpres will collectively save approx. 120 tonnes of CO 2 per year. This corresponds to planting around 5,570 trees.


For Danpres A/S, it is important to support those who have it most difficult. As a growing company, we see this as a self-fulfilling responsibility to support aid organizations.

Read more about our donations here:

Danpres A/S supports the Red Cross Christmas aid

"Many children in Denmark grow up in families where they cannot afford good food, a Christmas tree and presents. They feel left out."

Danpres wants to support the families who have a bigger challenge in getting through Christmas. That is why we support the Red Cross's Christmas aid.

Danpres A/S supports families with children affected by cancer

"Every year approx. 160 children under the age of 14 in Denmark diagnosed with cancer. This means major upheavals for the families affected. There is not always the surplus or opportunity to do the things that families usually do, for example go to the cinema, to the Zoo, or go travelling.”

Danpres therefore wants to support these families through support for Families with children affected by cancer.

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Morten Rands Clausen

Sales and Marketing Manager

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Picture of Morten Rands Clausen
Morten Rands Clausen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobile: +45 52 10 03 64
Tel.: +45 86 95 23 00

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