Danpres A/S is an innovative and modern industrial company that, since its founding in 1996, has supplied innovative component solutions to a multitude of different industries. The company has experienced impressive growth and today there are approx. 100 employees at Danpres. We have 10,000 m2 production facilities and have further plans to expand production and storage.

Innovation is our driving force

Innovation is our driving force, regardless of whether it concerns the development of new or existing topics in collaboration with our customers, or whether the purpose is to innovate internal processes. At Danpres, our employees are the most important resource and therefore we try every day to make Danpres an even better workplace. We insist on being our customers’ preferred supplier and we only achieve this by having highly motivated employees, the newest and most competitive machinery and constantly trying to create new innovative solutions. We invest in our employees, we invest in the partnership with our customers, because the closer we work together, the greater the gain for both parties in the end.

Responsibility towards the climate

We take responsibility for the climate and cohesion in Denmark. Our newly installed solar cells on the roof of Danpres produce over 50% of our total electricity consumption annually. We deliver to a number of different industries within the green transition, and we have it as a declared strategic goal that we must grow even more within this sector.

We insist on producing in Denmark and we do not accept the premise that Denmark can be too wage-heavy a country for cost-effective production of metal components. The combination of state-of-the-art and highly automated production and skilled and dedicated employees is for Danpres the recipe for success.

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Picture of Morten Rands Clausen
Morten Rands Clausen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobil: +45 52 10 03 64
Tlf.: +45 86 95 23 00

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You are always welcome to contact us for a further presentation of Danpres and what we can offer.

If you have a specific task, I am ready to provide a proposed solution. Contact me or send a few keywords about the task and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Picture of Morten Rands Clausen
Morten Rands Clausen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobile: +45 52 10 03 64
Tel.: +45 86 95 23 00

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